Friday, 5 April 2013

Is Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Together?

The Twilight couple that has been together for five years and they split last year due to Kristen had cheated on him with her SWATH director. But they are in yet again in trouble, it may be the end for Robsten but it maybe just the beginning of something new for them. But apparently to the couple was seen in Malibu having a romantic day together and they have not parted ways. Seems like tabliods getting the lies out again, they might not be even a couple, they might be hanging out as friends.

They were also preparing for Kristen's 23rd birthday, apprarently to Robert Pattinson is making her 23rd birthday "a night to remember" and that it maybe the last birthday that they will be celebrating together. So who knows what the future holds for them, either bad or good. Plus there has been a fib going around that Kristen is dating her other male Twilight Co-star (Taylor Lautner) behind Robs back. The tabloids are always trying to make her look bad but they are always trying to make her look bad. Seems like a good way to spoil things for the couple, but had caught the pair on an outing in Hollywood and it may look like Kristen is "CHEATING" again on Rob with Taylor.

So do you believe in what has just been said? Comment below and let others see what you do believe!

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