Saturday, 15 December 2012

Is Kristen to dirty for Robert Pattinson?

Kristen Stewart needs to clean up her act — literally!” declares the National Enquirer.

The tabloid claims the Twilight star’s “body odor and disheveled appearance are starting to rub her beau Robert Pattinson the wrong way.”

“Rob’s a laid-back guy, but he is starting to find Kristen’s grungy habits a turnoff,” explains a so-called Enquirer source. “She rarely washes her hair, only brushes her teeth once a day at best and very rarely wears perfume.”

As a result, says the magazine, Pattinson has “warned her that he’ll dump her for good if she doesn’t change her slovenly ways.”

According to the tab’s insider, “He loved it when she made an effort to look her best during the ‘Twilight’ promotional tour. But now she’s back to her lazy old self, and Rob’s not impressed.”

The Enquirer argues that Stewart is “stinking up” her rekindled romance with Pattinson, because he’s more critical of her flaws now then he would have been in the past.

“He’s looking at her in a different light and he’s nowhere near as forgiving as he used to be,” says the mag’s source. “He told her that if she doesn’t do something about her hygiene and appearance, he’s leaving.”

A bold prediction from an outlet recently responsible for false rumors about Pattinson partying with Leonardo DiCaprio, Stewart “living on” Red Bull and cigarettes, and Pattinson using Carey Mulligan to upset Stewart.

Oh, and bogus claims about fans attacking Stewart, and Pattinson turning to Scientology.
The lesson: The National Enquirer knows nothing about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Of course, that didn’t stop the outlet from printing this latest batch of nonsense, in which Stewart is supposedly an unbathed, smelly monster (except no one but Pattinson notices) whose hygiene is allegedly all of a sudden a problem for her boyfriend, years into their relationship.

The only thing that stinks here is the Enquirer’s “source.”

Tabloids are still rooting around in the trash for ways to pick apart the reunited Pattinson and Stewart, and this story about Stewart is just more desperate garbage.

Sources close to the couple tell Gossip Cop the laughable “hygiene” story is completely untrue.

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