Monday, 10 December 2012

Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed's New Gig

The Twilight Saga star Jackson Rathbone has gotten a new gig to work on after Breaking Dawn - Part 2 and it may look like he will be focusing on his band 100 Monkeys and his son with girl friend. Accordingly to Examiner.Com the actor will part ways with the the band. Because, he will be focusing on an album on his own called Billy Badass. He is set to play in The Foxes Den Live.

Jackson and his Twilight on screen adoptive sister Nikki Reed has arrived like a bootleg, sources say that the two will be doing a few songs together along with her husband Paul McDonald, JustJaredJr.Com says that they have been watching others performances and has given a good review on them. She said "Thank you for coming out tonight"

The three might end up teaming up for another time, seeing that they have been starring in movies together in the past four to five years, Examiner.Com Again has confirmed that they will do it. Nikki is also the god son to his son. Telling Popstar.Com much has changed for Nikki Reed since the first installment of Twilight hit theaters in 2008. Not only has she become internationally known following the success of the series, but in 2011, she tied the knot with American Idol alum Paul McDonald.

We caught up with Nikki in LA recently as she lent her voice to Axe's new "showerpooling" campaign to talk about her latest eco-friendly effort, her upcoming album with Paul, and the fast-approaching release of Breaking Dawn Part 2. Nikki, who said she and Paul love to double-date with her costar Jackson Rathbone and his girlfriend, told us that her feelings about the end of the Twilight road surprised even her!

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